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Greta Harrison

A brief introduction into how and why this website was started.

Greta Harrison

This podcast was started because of the deep admiration I have for so many young adults who are leading extraordinary lives, and happen to have disabilities. As the mother of a daughter with Down syndrome who is now eighteen, I have taken note of the families behind these individuals, with the hopes of learning from them. I have been encouraged because every family has always welcomed my questions, and shared what they can to help. Knowing that there are many families like mine, I started this podcast journey. Families who want to learn and have high expectations, even when society does not always support that.

This journey has been fun and challenging at the same time. I am so grateful to the families for agreeing to be interviewed. It was an honor and a joy interviewing the parents in this first season. Each one was like a long conversation, one which was separated into several podcasts. It was that separating…the technical side which has been challenging. Editing is not something I am comfortable with, and these episodes are far from perfect. I wanted them to be perfect—but they have been delayed long enough. 

So instead of perfection, please consider the thought that went into this. The music before and after each podcast is very special, and that is why you hear lyrics each time—not just instrumental music. Melissa Riggio wrote the lyrics, and Rachel Fuller wrote the music. Rachel Fuller also sang the songs. They are so beautiful, so ethereal, I hope you will listen to the full versions on Melissa Riggio’s page. I am forever grateful to Steve Riggio, Laura Riggio,  and Rachel Fuller for giving me permission to use “Love Is a Potion” and “The Ring”. 

The Born Fabulous Podcast logo art was done by my daughter Yasmine Harrison. She did that this year for Valentine’s Day, and I knew instantly it was the logo, because every individual we are talking about radiates so much love and joy. I love how it ties in so well with “Love Is a Potion”. The background scene that shows behind me in some of the video clips shows a path that is also Yasmine’s art. Each individual and family is on a path that is never straight and not always easy. That was the inspiration for her path painting.

I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about the amazing families being interviewed. I thank each of them for their time, their open natures, and their knowledge as well as sharing their family pictures. As each family’s podcasts are released, there will also be a family page on this website.

On this website you can subscribe to the podcasts and to my blog.  I would greatly appreciate you liking our pages on Facebook and Instagram. Most of all, feel free to contact me and share your thoughts. 

Thank you again for your time, and thank you for caring. 

- Greta Harrison

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