Kayla McKeon & Rachel Burns

Kayla McKeon and Rachel Burns have been best friends for approximately 18 years. They met when Kayla was a freshman and started working at Paparazzi Spa, where Rachel is a professional hair stylist.

Their friendship has seen many of life’s big moments, like graduations, work promotions, moments in the public spotlight. and more. Kayla and Rachel depend on each other, and know they will be there for each other as more future milestones happen.

Kayla is well-known for being the first registered lobbyist with Down syndrome. She is the manager of grass roots advocacy for the National Down Syndrome Society. She has a successful podcast for NDSS called Kayla’s Korner. She is a keynote public speaker who travels extensively to network, learn, lead, and inspire others. She is also a part time college student at her local community college.

Rachel is a professional hair stylist at Paparazzi, the place where they first met decades ago. She is the proud mother of two grown sons, and loves to hike.

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A very special lobbyist

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Kayla McKeon & Rachel Burns


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